Monday, June 28, 2010

Mayanti Langer: Does Football Need a Hot Expert?

When it comes to football, India is not a place that you will expect wild passion and emotion. So, there is perhaps nothing shocking to see that Indian online users are searching a lot about Mayanti Langer and her hot photos or pictures instead of Lionel Messi, Kaka, Rooney or Ronaldo in the time of World Cup Football 2010. So, there is a need for ESPN India to have a so called “expert” like Mayanti Langer in their broadcast of world cup matches.
Mayanti is there in pre-match show and half time show to talk with other experts about the matches. The funny thing is that she seems to be an expert on every sport. In the past, she was there in ICL (Indian Cricket League) talk shows in cricket matches. During World Cup Hockey 2010, she was there for Ten Sports to give her expert opinions on Hockey. So, it will not be shocking if she starts to talk about Tennis, Golf and what not.
Of course, Mayanti Langer had some background in soccer or football and she must genuinely know much more about football than some other hot ‘experts’ like Mandira Bedi who by the way has many hot pictures in Internet according to Google Image search.
The point perhaps is that football is not a sports like cricket or IPL where you must have some hot cheer leaders wearing short dresses to attract people. Football has its own entertainment and does not need hot experts like Mayanti Langer. The best example is ESPN India’s coverage of English Premier League (EPL) matches or Ten Sports’ coverage of EUFA Champions League matches where there is no hot experts like Mayanti Langer or Mandira Bedi. Still millions of people from South Asia happily enjoy the matches.
Then again, Indian people are not great fans of football. If there were no Mayanti Langer then some people would perhaps not bother some matches. So, at least for TV ratings of ESPN, may be there is a need for experts like her.  
The best thing that Mayanti Langer can do is to write about football regularly in Internet and newspapers and this can help her to gain a fan following as an expert in stead of fan following for her hot pictures. 


  1. stop complaining

  2. But she herself is a football player once..So she know the stuff rather than mandira bedi bluffing