Monday, June 14, 2010

Microsoft Kinect to be Available in November 2010

The much-awaited Microsoft Kinect, an advanced motion control system for the Xbox 360 users, would be released in November 2010. However, it is not yet revealed which market the device would be first launched in and what would be the exact price of Kinect.

The news of Kinect’s November release was revealed through the MySpace page of Xbox 360. The motion control device was previously known as ‘Project Natal’ which has now been changed to Kinect.

Kinect, produced by Microsoft, ensures more involvement of the gamers of Xbox 360 in the course of their gaming experience. This motion control device would now capture the user’s body movement and imitate those movements on the screen during a game.

For example, gamers, in a hurdles race game, need to run themselves and jump when a hurdle appears on the screen, and those movements would be reproduced by Kinect on the screen. So, Microsoft Kinect system ensures that gamers themselves are controllers of the games, rather than controlling devices.

Moreover, with Kinect, users can also have video chat and play games online without requiring a separate controller. It also allows users to share photos. More importantly, users can navigate through the menu with the movement of the hand pulm. Gamers can also remain connected to the social networking sites like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter and Zune as these are included in the menu.

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