Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Face off between Kaka and Ronaldo: Brazil vs Portugal

The most high-profile match in the group stage of World Cup Football 2010 is going to take place on 25 June when Brazil takes on Portugal in their final group match.

This encounter could have featured a high-profile individual face off between two club mates: Brazil’s Kaka and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Both the stars currently play for Real Madrid in Spain after joining the club last summer. Most importantly, both of them are the biggest hopes for their countries in World Cup.

However, the reality is that Kaka and Ronaldo would not be able to come face to face in that showdown following Kaka’s marching order during Brazil’s 3-1 win over Ivory Coast on 20 June. Kaka was mistakenly shown red card for a seemingly harmless collision with Kader Keita.

Brazil coach Dunga also revealed his disappointment at the loss of Kaka terming it an ‘unjustified dismissal’.

After the match Dunga said to the media, “The player who commits the foul escapes the yellow card, I have to congratulate him for that. It was a totally unjustified dismissal of Kaka, he was fouled and yet he was punished.

…I must actually congratulate that Ivory Coast player. We played much better than Ivory Coast and received more yellow cards than our opponents without really having committed any serious fouls. So we are left a little bit in doubt. What do we really have to do not to receive these yellow cards?”

Winning their first two matches against North Korea and Ivory Coast, Brazil has already ensured their qualification to the Round of 16. Portugal, on the other hand, could manage 4 points after 2 matches. They started the tournament with a goalless draw against Ivory Cost and then thrashed North Korea 7-0 on Monday.

Portugal needs at least a point from the match to ensure their progress to the second round, while Brazil would also be happy with a point as it would keep them at the top of the table.

After scoring a goal against North Korea, Cristiano Ronaldo would go into the match full of confident. Dunga, on the other hand, would have to deal with Kaka’s absence.

However, the Brazil coach may not be that much worried about it because it would give Kaka some rest ahead of some more important games in the later stages of the tournament.


  1. Unless Côte d'Ivoire scores six goals and wins, Portugal is in as well. It's all but a done deal. 99%

  2. Though KAKA is not there in that match Brazil will still make it.
    Kur Mathiang

  3. Côte d'Ivoire will anally rape North Korea but it will not be enough to jizz past Portugal...

  4. there should nt be any comparision or competion btwn kaka n ronaldo coz thy both r excellent