Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Talulah Riley and Elon Musk: What about Justine Musk?

It is often repeated in life, a hard working and talented man gets married with a good woman when he is young. The wife is very supportive and dedicated. The man becomes successful and he finds a younger girl. May be the tale of Elon Musk and his wife Justine Musk sounds some similar but what is more shocking perhaps is the fact that Mr. Musk is almost broke. T
This bad news has come at a time when he is in the midst of a divorce settlement with his ex-wife, Justine Musk (Jennifer J. Wilson).
Talulah Riley was born in 1985, Elon Musk in 1971 and Justine Musk in 1972. So, you can do the math and fit them in the story. Of course, this kind of stories often take place everywhere in this planet and people are accustomed to them. However, what came as a great surprise to many people is that how on earth a very talented and successful entrepreneur like him could lose all his money!
This story perhaps reminds us that venture capital is a risky area. Just a decision or two go wrong and you can lose all your cash. Elon Musk is still a wealthy man but he does not have enough cash. He has a history of forming successful companies and then selling them. He was also related to PayPal.
Justine Musk has not stated anything regarding this issue and it seems that there is no relationship between his running out of cash and the ongoing divorce settlement. She has stated that she had nothing against Talulah Riley. All she wanted was the following things according to a blog entry she wrote:
The house, alimony and child support, 6 million cash, 10 percent of his stock in Tesla, 5 percent of his stock in SpaceX (and he retains all voting rights) and a Tesla Roadster
So, it seems that Justine Musk might have to wait for getting any of the things she wanted.
Talulah Riley has been able to manage a low profile in the whole saga so far. This is perhaps the best way to support the man she is expected to marry soon. May be even the marriage might have to wait. 

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