Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tickets of World Cup Cricket 2011 Available Online

Tickets of the ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 are now available for purchase online. The first phase of the ticket selling started on 1 June 2010, after the meeting of the central organizing committee of the tournament in Mumbai, India.

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 will be held in 3 South Asian countries: India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Pakistan was supposed to be one of the organizers of the tournament was stripped out of its hosting rights following last year’s terror attack on Sri Lankan players in Lahore.

Tickets of all the participating teams and all the venues are currently on sale in the internet. However, the tickets of the two semi finals and finals are not yet available for sale.

Cricket fans need to visit the ticket page of the official website of ICC. To visit the ticket page, click here.

In the ticket page, there are two links. One is for the terms of conditions of buying tickets, while the other link will direct the fans to the ticket selling page where they can buy tickets of their desired matches. However, the authority requests the interested buyers to go through the ‘terms and conditions’ before purchasing tickets.

To read the ‘Ticket Terms and Conditions for the ICC World Cup 2010’, visit the following address:

Besides purchasing ticket of a particular match, cricket fans can also buy tickets in terms of particular team and venue. In the ticket page, buyers can see the options of ‘By Team’, ‘By Venue’ and ‘Full Schedule’. If someone is interested to buy the tickets of all the group matches of his favorite team, then he should need to click on that.

Similarly, one must click on the ‘By Venue’ option to purchase the tickets of all the matches of a particular venue. However, if someone wants to buy match tickets of his/her choices, not of any particular team or venue, then he/she must click on the ‘Full Schedule’ option.

To purchase ticket ‘By Team’, visit the following address:

To purchase match teams ‘By Venue’, visit the following address:

To get to the Full Schedule page, visit the following URL:

So, tournament organizers are offering ‘Team Package’ and ‘Venue Package’ tickets for the fans. For example, New Zealand cricket fans can go for the ‘Team New Zealand’ package which includes the tickets of New Zealand’s group stage matches.

Buyers can get to know detailed information of a particular match and its venue. By clicking on a particular match, one can get to know the location of the venue (through Google Maps), direction (how to reach the stadium from airport and other easily recognizable places), parking availability and wheelchair facility.

Moreover, buyers can also get to know about the ticket prices of various sections of the stadium. For each match, an image of the aerial view of the stadium indicating different sections is given. The image appears when someone clicks on a particular match.

By placing the mouse cursor on a particular section of the stadium, one can get to know about the ticket price of that particular section. To purchase the ticket of a particular section, buyers need to click on that section shown in the image. The image is captured in the following picture:

Ticket prices are available in four different currencies: US Dollar (USD), Indian Rupee (INR), Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) and Bangladeshi Taka (BDT). Someone can set his or her preferred currency by going to the ‘Transaction Currency’ section located at the top left corner of the page.

Considering the cricket fans of all walks of life, tournament organizers have kept the ticket prices affordable. The cheapest ticket price in the tournament is 20 cents USD (INR 10) in Hambantota, Sri Lanka.


  1. If i order for the tickets online, then when can i collect it from the venue?

  2. when will the second phase of tickets be sold? i want tickets for india south africa match at nagpur,and all tickets in 1st phase have already been sold.are there more tickets dat will come in future for sale?

  3. TICKETS AVAILABLE !!!! i have tickets of india matches agianst south africa and west indies, and some OTHER matches
    let me know ur requirement and il tell u the availability and price

  4. The first World Cup match to be abandoned was in 1996, because of unruly behaviour when a group of Indian fans in Calcutta.get more news on my blog

  5. I want tickets for india vs west indies match .If u are having means please inform to this mail id tickets price will be 1000 to 1500