Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rajneeti Hindi movie review

From the beginning, Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti has been generating controversies. Many believed that the movie was based on the Gandhi family of India. A social worker named Naseem Khan requested the Bombay Civil court to stay the release of the movie. The court said that it would wait for the report of the Censor board. The Censor board cleared the movie.
A script writer, named Yogendra Konkar, claimed that the script of Rajneeti is based on his own script with a similar title, “Rajniti: A Political Saga.” However, the high court even cleared Rajneeti of the accusation.
According to Jha’s lawyer, Jha’s script was registered with Indian Motion Pictures Association in December 2008 while Konkar’s script was registered in July 2009.
Then rumor of fight between Jha and Nana Patekar fought in the sets. Then there was the Censor Board controversy. To get U/A certificate Prakash Jha had to cut off some violent scenes and reference to homosexuality and a significant portion of the lovemaking scene between Katrina Kaif and Arjun Rampal. Finally, there was the anonymous warning letter from a Congress party worker.
The waiting is over and Rajneeti has been finally released in theatres. So how is the movie? It is a gripping political thriller and no it has no reference to any politician and definitely not Sonia Gandhi which had been widely speculated before.
Title: Rajneeti
Producer: Prakash Jha
Executive Producer / Co-Producer: Ronnie Screwvala
Director: Prakash Jha
Star Cast
Nana Patekar...... Brij Gopal
Ajay Devgan...... Sooraj Kumar
Ranbir Kapoor...... Samar Pratap
Katrina Kaif...... Indu Pratap
Manoj Bajpai...... Veerendra Pratap
Arjun Rampal...... Prithviraj Pratap
Naseruddin Shah...... Bhaskar Sanyal
Sarah Thompson Kane...... Sarah Jean Collins
Barkha Bisht...... Item Number
Nikhila Tirkha...... Samar Pratap's Mother
Darshan Jariwala
Chetan Pandit
Shruti Seth
Kiran Karmarkar
Daya Shanker Pandey
Shereveer Vakil
Vinay Apte
Rajneeti mainly takes its story from Mahabharata, the great Indian Epic. Add with it a little sprinkle from Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather. Rajneeti is about the struggle between two cousins- Prithviraj Pratap (Arjun Rampal) and Veerendra Pratap (Manoj Bajpai). Veerendra believes that it is his birth right to become the leader of the party and he would get it at any cost. To achieve his goal, he teams up with Sooraj Kumar (Ajay Devgan), a powerful Dalit leader .
Samar Pratap (Ranbir Kapoor) never thought of becoming a politician. He went abroad for higher education and dreamed of becoming a lecturer but fate had different plans for him. He ended up into politics and becomes one of the top players. With Brij Gopal (Nana Patekar) on his side, Samar learns the inner workings of politics and becomes a master strategist.
Arjun’s character is related to Bhim while Samar’s is Arjun, Veerendra is Duryodhona and Brij Gopal is Lord Krishna. Like Michael Corleone, Samar takes over his father’s empire and becomes the top guy.
The great thing about Rajneeti is that it has a tight script. In the first half, you get acquainted with the characters and the inner workings of the system. By the second half, you get a clear understanding who is what. There are no song and dance sequences. From the start, the director takes a non-nonsense approach. There are multiple layers of stories and one unfolds after the quickly.
On the bad side, it is a long three hour movie which means you might end up having a headache. Plus, the movie demands serious attention.
Prakash Jha did a very good job with the movie. Over the years, he made some great political movies. Rajneeti is just another feather to his crown of success.


  1. Anjum Rajabali's Excellent Script and awesome direction by Praksh Jha !

  2. The next Sholay ,Excellent movie ,excellent direction ,excellent editing and excellent Star casting .
    Ranbhir was excellent

  3. vry fine movie it is.

  4. arjun rampal ...........fabulss..

  5. ajay devgan.... best acting

  6. "Raaneeti"....the mirror of indian democracy....but indian audiance get bored watching problem based movie. Now time is audiance want to watch solutions based movie......cuzz the matter of Nation.

  7. Good movie.Arjun`s acting is the best!Katrina and Arjun-a sexy pair!

  8. excellent acting by manoj bajpai

  9. great movie but was disturbing its is misstake of prkash jha byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. idiotic movie.. arent we seeing the same kind of stories since last 20 years.. ?? Prakash Jha open your eyes and give solutions.. dont show your old 50 year Problamatic crap to people ..!!!!
    and one more thing open your eyes and look at the revolution that is budding in Indian politics.. not this old crap which everybody are not showing any thing new.. 1 star..!!!


  12. if this is how the nation’s politics is run, then what is the role of we people in it? The parallels between the politics in the film and in the country are aplenty. A democracy in which the people are just a ticket to the parliamentary seat once in a while, what more can we expect than the existing apathy towards political activism?

    You cannot change the system from the outside. If you want to see the change, then you have to be the change. As a nation, we are always in great need of bright and visionary leaders who could lead us on the path to true freedom.