Friday, July 9, 2010

Ana Ivanovic‎ is walking on the same road of Anna Kournikova

In Wimbledon 2010, Ana Ivanovic came to play but suffered a very early exit indeed in the first round. However, these days, ranking of Tennis means little to her Ana. Instead, she is focusing more on modeling and following the footsteps of Anna Kournikova.
It is difficult to believe that just two years ago, Ana Ivanovic was the number one ranked female tennis player in the world. 2008 was a great year for her as she won the title of French Open and became runners up in Australian Open. Now, she is ranked 64. It is sad and tragic for a player who showed so much potential in 2008.
Of course, she suffered some bad injuries and perhaps she has decided that she would not try for ranking anymore. She is now thought to be hottest female tennis player and she is flooded with modeling and endorsement offers.
It is a bit unfair to compare Ana Ivanovic with Anna Kournikova. The best ranking Kournikova had was 8 and she was never a top class player like Ivanovic. Ivanovic tried her best and became the top ranked player and then lost her way. Still, in the end, she is walking on the same road of Kournikova and using her beauty instead of tennis to earn money.
Next, Ana Ivanovic is supposed to take part in Bank of the West Classic. Her fans perhaps are still hoping for a miracle comeback but she is not trying for that.


  1. I'm sorry, but you are very wrong here. It's very unfair to compare Ana Ivanovic to Kournikova. Ana's number one priority is tennis. To say she is using beauty to earn money is flat out wrong. Ana has been doing photo shoots her entire career. Where was all the complaining two or three years ago when she was at the top of the rankings, winning tournaments and contending for slams? She was doing a lot more photo shoots back then. She is doing a lot less now. How many photo shoots has Ana done this year? Only two. Just TWO! So how can you accuse her of no longer caring about tennis and using her beauty to make money? If you won't bother to follow her career on a full time basis like I do, at least do some research to get your facts straight before writing crap like this. You don't even know Ana, and all you care to do is write shit about her. If hating on other people makes you feel better, fine. To each it's own. But at least don't make crap up. You just lost all credibility with this ridiculous post.

    Please list all the photo shoots she has done the past year and the amount of time she spent on them. Do you know? Because I do.

  2. Just thought i would add a few comments to this somewhat jaded view of ana. To begin with, it is absurd to compare the two players accomplishments on the court. Ana has been in three slam finals and won one of them, the French open in 2008. She has also won a number of other top tier tournaments on the WTA tour. AK had never won ANY tournament or been in any slam finals. Also, Ana has been ranked number one, something Kournikova never came close to achieving.

    It is really a shame that Kournikova did not have both the team and self discipline to nurture her talent and achieve greater results on the court. I believe Ana will eventually come to terms with her inner demons that has created the mental block preventing her from resuming her winning ways. She is still quite young in her career, and willing to work to achieve her goals.

    As for endorsements, it does not hurt the tour to have attractive tennis athletes in the public eye. Besides her commercial success, Ana has also engaged in considerable charitable work making her a desired role model for any sport.

    I think your article was totally oblivious of her past accomplishments and her role on the tour. Let us not write off such an incredible young athlete at such any early age.