Friday, July 9, 2010

Larissa Riquelme gets Defeated to Paul the Octopus in World Cup Football 2010

Both Larissa Riquelme and Paul the Octopus have become quite famous during FIFA 2010. Model Larissa Riquelme tried to become famous by first announcing that she would rune naked if Paraguay won the trophy. On the other hand, every prediction of Paul the Octopus has come accurate until now. In the contest to take center stage, it seems that the Octopus is the clear winner.
Paraguay did not win but Larissa Riquelme came up with almost nude pictures of her and they became instant hit in the media. Even one website is offering high resolution versions of her graphic photos for a small fee. Paraguay did not go beyond quarterfinal but the model’s run to fame has been still going on.
On the other hand, Paul the Octopus has simply no idea about what is going on regarding his so called predictions. It does not have any hot picture either as it is not a model. People are curious about it and at this moment, it is one of the Hot Topics in USA. Even, the octopus has more news than the Paraguayan model coverage according to Google News.
Of course, Larissa Riquelme has got almost whatever she dreamt. She has become the hottest fan of this World Cup. Many people are searching about her and her pictures. She will surely get some lucrative sponsorship deals very soon.
Still, it is the time of Paul the Octopus. People everywhere are discussing about it. It has predicted that Spain would become Champion and Germany would clinch third position. If these two final predictions come true then Paul the Octopus will surely become the biggest star of this world cup. 

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