Friday, July 9, 2010

Oprah hates Disabled People: Another Malicious Rumor

Oprah is one of most popular celebrities on earth. She is familiar to people all around the world. She is not perfect but some people are eager to carry out malicious rumors with this search in Google, ‘oprah hates disabled people’. This search is now in the number one spot in Google Hot Trends USA.
This kind of malicious rumor originated a few weeks ago against Oprah and it died down very soon. However, it has again make a come back. It is clear that some people are not happy with her for whatever reason and trying to attack her name and fame.
There is perhaps no way to stop this kind of rumor. The only thing the fans can do is to do some Google search and know about the whole issue.
In her own life and career, Oprah had her fair share of controversy just like any other celebrity. However, there has never been any real accusation against her about hating or discriminating disabled people.
In her shows, she has always championed the lives of ordinary people.
The problems of women were neglected in main stream media in the past. The massive popularity of The Oprah Winfrey Show has perhaps helped to change this and women’s issues are now discussed and presented much more in the media than past. 


  1. *Cough*

    Try looking at the evidence first.
    Not that I would expect you to understand most of it. Ask your kids.

  2. What the hell does your mentally deficient blog post have to do with the issue of Oprah hating disabled people? You're not even addressing it, just talking about Oprah's career, name, fame, and "struggle" for women's rights in the media.

    You're another soccer mom housewife joke, the exact demographic that the OWN appeals to, which is why Zach Anner will ultimately be eliminated anyway, because the overweight middle-aged women masses don't want to see something as real and "uncomfortable" as a disabled person on their TV screens.

    Oprah fans suffer from a severe psychological disconnect with reality.
    Or is that just your average American housewife letting their husbands support them while they stay home watching reruns of Days of our lives?

    Lmao joke lives

  3. Oprah seriously hates disabled kids.

    If it is not hatred that causes you to screw people over what is it? She wouldn't be jealous of them would she? Of course not. So logically she hates them.

  4. The reason that this whole “Oprah hates disabled people” is going around is some of us were paying attention to the Your Own Show contest right as it ended. Here is a website that has proof that 6 million votes were taken away from Zach Anner:

    If that isn’t enough, here is a separate pic someone nabbed before the results came in:

    And of course the official results:

  5. Zach was cheated, specifically by Oprah. Zach suffers from CP, and was obviously robbed of winning a contest. Oprah just SHATTERED a disabled person's dreams, by STEALING votes from him. I think it's safe to say she hates the disabled, ya' know, with the shattering of dreams and what not.

    Honestly, did they think no one would notice or something? They literally just took 6 million votes and gave them to someone else like no one was paying attention.


  6. Appeal to reason, not your own ideals telling you you're right.