Thursday, July 8, 2010

Apple Finds China a very important Growing Market

Chinese economy has been growing rapidly for more than two decades and the country has now a flourishing middle class who do not mind paying some extra money for quality products. Apple bosses have realized this matter and now are planning big for the country.
In fact, right now, the company has now only one Apple store in capital Beijing and is going to open a second store this weekend in Shanghai. It will be one of the largest in Asia.
This is a good move from Steve Jobs and his team as most consumers in China have little scope to buy products like iMac or iPad from a genuine dealer. They have to depend on the underground sellers and this is not good for either Apple or the consumers.
May be even 5 years ago, Apple products were some expensive for most consumers in China but now with the prospering economy, there are many consumers among 1.2 billion people who can afford to buy an iMac or MacBook. iPhone is also sold in the market and Apple needs to come up with a good campaign plan to attract the Chinese consumers. Before anything, Apple has to open more shops in some of the large cities of the country.
Good thing is that the company is planning to open around 25 stores in the next 24 months. So, it is clear that the Chinese people will see more of Apple products from now.
Apple does not have any significant market share for any of its products in China. So, there was huge room for growth and the potential is enormous too. 

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