Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wayne Rooney of Manchester United should not bother about Looks but Focus on Game

The performance of Wayne Rooney in World Cup 2010 disappointed many people in England and it seems that he is going through a rough spell of time. A website survey declared him to be ugliest player in the World Cup and it became big news in English Media. He should forget all this nonsense and focus on the upcoming season.
Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson has stated that there was tremendous pressure on Rooney as people had too much expectations on him.
Ferguson said, "There was such expectation. There was talk that he was going to be the player of the tournament. Don't forget, that was the prelude to the whole thing. He was going to be the star, he was going to outshine them all: Messi, Ronaldo. So that level of expectation comes into it. And he's not got great experience of the World Cup really."
So, the best thing Rooney can do at this moment is to take some off and get recharged and back to action with his best form when the new season starts in August.
Manchester United needs him a lot this season as the club did not win any major trophy except Carling Cup last season.

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