Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme: Football Does not Need Her hot Photos

Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme caught the attention of media by announcing that she would run without any clothes if Paraguay players could manage to become Champion of World Cup Football 2010. However, her country suffered exit from the quarterfinal stage and Larissa Riquelme did not need to run naked. Anyway, it seems that she is determined to show off her body to the world and she has done it with some very hot and graphic pictures.
The pictures are now available in many websites and a Google search with her name is perhaps enough to land on them. Anyway, football or soccer does not need someone like Larissa Riquelme to promote this beautiful sport that is admired by millions of passionate fans around the world.
It is American football that needs all the cheerleaders to get some more TV ratings and sponsorship money. It is tennis that needs to cash on the short dresses and revealing body parts of female players and glamour girls. It is cricket that is almost extinct outside of India needs some cheerleaders in IPL to dance in front the crowd in stadiums and for fans in front of TV sets.
Football does not need any model, cheerleader or someone like Larissa Riquelme to show off their bodies. What everyone related to this beautiful game needs to remember that many children are also fan of Messi or Kaka and the pictures of Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme are no way suitable for them. Even among adults, everyone is not a fan of naked or nude pictures.
Football should not turn into a sport that would need to depend on cheerleaders with very short dresses. Football is growing and expanding with the help of players like Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo and it should continue to do so.


  1. Everyone is a fan of naked bodies. If you can't accept that yourself, then you must be crazy. Get over your insecurity and appreciate when a beautiful person takes off their clothes. We are animals.

  2. I do agree that Football doesn't need any cheer leaders but the writer seems to have been under the impression that football is using Larissa riquelme.its the other way round.Larissa is using football to gain more attention and i don't see any thing wrong in that.its a type of self promotion. as far as Rooney and ronaldo increasing football's profile, if their performance in world cup is any indication (dont tell me that they play beautifully for Man United and real Madrid because if they can't reproduce that form for their national team then its of no use to anybody except themselves) then i would rather watch Larissa than Rooney. At least there is more entertainment there

  3. The insinuation that football needs Larissa Riquelme is ridiculous - perhaps why it hasn't been floated anywhere of significance. Larissa Riquelme needing football to launch a modelling career is far more feasible and in fact is exactly what has occurred. This stunt was not done to promote football by any footballing association. It is non-analogous to the comparisons to the NFL or IPL.

    I agree with the author on the topic of football not needing cheerleaders but the article is too unidimensional to be accurate.