Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 gets negative reviews from Consumer Reports

It looks like the Apple iPhone 4 antenna debacle just reached another new level with Consumer Reports saying that it can not recommend its readers to buy Apple iPhone 4. However, it said that there is no reason “not to buy the Apple iPhone 4.”

The engineers of Consumer Reports conducted tests on Apple iPhone 4 and found that there is problem with Apple iPhone 4’s antenna. It is actually a design flaw.

Earlier, Apple posted a statement saying the antenna problem is related to the formula Apple has been using to measure the phone’s signal strength and a firmware would fix the antenna problem.

Immediately after Consumer Report published its findings, Apple’s support forum observed a heated debate over the issue. However, many of the threads is believed to have been deleted by the moderators of the forum.

Consumer Reports engineers also recommended a solution for the “death grip” of Apple iPhone 4 and that is to cover the area with duct tape where the antenna is located.

Though Consumer Reports said that Apple need to take care of its antenna problem, it gave highest ratings to iPhone 4 in other departments. What is interesting is that Consumer Reports even ranked Apple iPhone 4 the best smartphone in the market. Consumer Reports also tested other AT&T phones such as the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pres and none of the handsets had signal-loss problems like the iPhone 4.

As per AppleInsider blog, the mobile phone rankings of Consumer Reports gave the highest ratings- 76 points, to Apple iPhone 4 out of 100. The iPhone 4 is followed by iPhone 3GS and the HTC Sprint Evo 4G. Both these phones scored 74 points.

Many hardcore fans of Apple could not accept the opinion of Consumer Reports and severely criticized it. It would be better if Apple takes necessary steps to correct the flaw and provides free solutions to its iPhone 4 owners.

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