Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Should get a Grip on his Personal Life

These days Cistiano Ronaldo is getting a lot of media attention for the wrong reasons. He is getting all the media attention for his personal life involving his son and his girlfriend. It seems that he is not too much concerned about suffering a very disappointing result in World Cup 2010.
In the recently concluded World Cup 2010, Portugal went to the second round and lost to Spain. Cristiano Ronaldo was a super flop star in the event and he really looked out of form. There were lots of expectations from him from the Portuguese fans.
In the last few days, many people are talking about his son. Ronaldo has stated that he would raise the son alone and it is reported that he has paid a huge amount of money to the mother of his son on the condition of anonymity. In other words, the mother would never claim the guardianship of the child and even would never reveal her identity.
This is surely not a proper way to raise a child. A child needs both father and mother.
There is also a report that Ronaldo left the baby to his grandmother (the mother of Ronaldo) and went with his girlfriend on a trip to have some fun. This is very bad and to some extent is also very cruel act of him. The baby is new-born and it is not its fault that it was born to a father like Ronaldo who perhaps care more for partying and his sexy girlfriend than the new-born baby.
Irina Shyak is the girlfriend of Ronaldo and he is now busy with her. She is a Russian model and has been dating Ronaldo for some time. To many people, she is the hot and sexy.
It is clear that Ronaldo is a type of footballer who likes partying and running after hot and sexy models. Many footballers are like this and it is perhaps wrong to single him out for this kind of acts. However, Ronaldo is such a talented young player and he really needs to get some control of his personal life.
In football, a player has to show a lot of discipline and mental strength in order to become successful. Ronaldo has done it and he has worked very hard to become one of the top players in the world. However, it is his personal life that is going to cause a lot of troubles.
He is still very young and he has a lot of potential to become one of the legends in the history of football. However, it seems that he is more interested to enjoy parties and sexy models rather than becoming a legend for Portugal and for international football.
The family, coach and the players of Portugal national team and Real Madrid should try to support Cristiano Ronaldo at this moment. It is clear that he has lost control over his own personal life. Others should really try to support him mentally and guide him to the right way in life.

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  1. If I was the richest footballer on the planet and had modeling gigs I would chase after tons of super models to. Your an idiot Ronaldo is the best player on the planet. At least hes not doing coke like Maradona.