Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arsenal: A Change of heart at last in Cesc Fabregas?

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has not stated very strongly yet about his plan for the future but it is clear that in the last few days, he has been trying to make the Arsenal fans satisfied. Is there a change of heart in him?
Fabregas dedicated the world cup win to Arsenal fans and everyone at the club. He even downplayed the incident that happened during celebration of Spain winning the World Cup. Even his father came forward and downplayed the matter and tried to make the Arsenal fans happy. The latest is that Fabregas has stated to a Spanish sports newspaper that he hopes that nothing would be said about his possible transfer to Barcelona now.
Fabregas said to Daily Marca, "The less said about Barcelona, the better. I have no specific date to return to Arsenal. At the moment I am only thinking about my holidays. I want to be calm and have a clear mind.
It was part of the celebrations. I hope that at Arsenal they have understood this and have not taken this badly."

Most probably, Fabregas has realized that Barcelona would not spend a lot of cash for getting him. On the other hand, it will not be good if he has to play at Arsenal and the fans are not happy with him.
Still, Cesc Fabregas is keeping his options open. He is not decisively saying anything about his future. 

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  1. He's going nowhere unless Barcelona cough up 50-60 million Euro at which point Arsenal would make a wise financial decision. As it stands, why would the captain of one of the leading teams in Europe (and buying players to get stronger) wish to spend his time on the bench under Xavi, Iniesta, etc?. Someone with his drive and love of the game simply won't want to do that. My guess is he'll stay 2-3 more years at Arsenal then move to Barca when he's at top of game and Xavi is on the decline.