Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diego Maradona most likely to Remain Coach Until Brazil 2014

Diego Maradona is undoubtedly one of the luckiest coaches now. Despite Argentine team suffering a very humiliating exit from the quarterfinal, almost all the people felt happy with Maradona. They are so happy that Maradona is most likely to be given an attractive offer of coaching for another 4 years.
The main reason is that except that match against Germany, Argentina played very well in the other matches. Maradona could inspire the players and could form a good team. He also could bring the best out of Messi in this world cup.  
Argentine defense looked very weak and even midfield looked average. Yet, Messi and Tavez could bring joy to all the fans. Argentine fans now have new hope that if Maradona can continue for four years then their national football team will become very strong and invincible.
If this living legend agrees to this job then the first test will be Copa America 2011 that will take place after one year in Argentina. If Maradona can inspire his team to win Copa America 2011 then surely his popularity will increase even further. However, if he fails then there will be serious doubts about his future.
Argentine football federation should not be too much carried away with emotion. Giving the coaching job to Maradona is a good decision but they should also try to find a good coach to work as his assistant. Maradona is emotional and he does not have cool head that is needed for a good football coach.

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