Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Arsenal does not have Cesc Fabregas on loan: Xavi needs to Know That

The latest remarks of Xavi about Fabregas saga again just showed what made Arsenal officials really angry over Barcelona this summer. He said to the Daily Express that Arsenal should consider themselves that they have Fabregas ‘on loan for a year’. This kind of remark surely reflects the general mood at Barcelona club and it clearly reflects the arrogance and ignorance they have.
First of all, Fabregas is in no way ‘on loan’ at the Emirates. He came to play here in 2003 at the age of just 16 because he realized that he would have better chance of becoming a successful footballer under Arsene Wenger than Barcelona.
At first, it was difficult for the player to adjust in England. He even did not know English language well. He got generous support from the coach Wenger and the players. Thus, he has been with Arsenal for the last seven years and he did not change his club until now.
Of course, Fabregas gave a lot to the club and in return, he got a lot too. He got good salary from a coach who is very strict about salary caps. He even signed a long term deal with the club and made his future secure.  
Thus, someone really needs to teach Xavi about modern football and the business of football. His arrogant remarks came from his ignorance. He said, "We know where Cesc wants to be this coming season, but perhaps there is not enough time for Barcelona and Arsenal to agree a deal. Arsenal need to understand they are only delaying the inevitable.
If we don't manage to get his signature this season then Arsenal only really have him on loan for a year - because there is nothing they can do to stop him joining next summer."

Someone needs to teach Xavi that Arsenal invested a lot on Fabregas and it is natural that the club deserves a good transfer fee. Xavi also needs to understand that if Barcelona wants to have Cesc by giving a small amount of money then they should wait another 4-5 years when the contract of the player with the London club will finish and then Barcelona can have him as a free agent.
The reality is that Barcelona is under financial stress and cannot afford to spend £50 or £60 million for the Arsenal captain. Xavi also needs to understand this simple matter that it is Barcelona who is under financial problem not Arsenal. 


  1. Look i'm an Arsenal fan and i'll blame Barca staff and players for the fact that Cesc wants to leave. I won't blame the lame coach for not winning anything in 5 years or the board for allowing the club to turn into a pre school. No this is all Barca's fault they snuck into Cesc's room at night and brainwashed him no way Cesc would want to leave on his own he enjoys playing at a club that pays him less than the worlds best players and doesn't win trophies. That all doesn't matter cause he's captain.

  2. you talking shit my boy there is no place like home if he wants to go back home y the fuck arsenal should hold him back