Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ashley Cole and Real Madrid might Convince Chelsea Soon

Ashley Cole is one of the top defenders at English Premier League. He plays for Chelsea and Chelsea officials are fond of him and want to keep him but the player wants to leave country for personal reasons. Real Madrid officials are eager to get the player as soon as possible.
A few months ago, the wife of this player Cheryl Cole complained that Ashley was cheating on her and later she applied for divorce. This personal life drama became a constant matter of interest among the paparazzi and the life of Ashley Cole became a living hell. Thus, the player has decided that going to Spain perhaps would make life some easier for him.
Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck however does not think this way. He feels that the paparazzi would hound him even in Spain if there is strong interest in British media about this Chelsea player.
Bruce Buck said to the media, "Ashley is a superb player. He is a delight to deal with around the football club, he gets on very well with everyone, he trains very well and he is really a model athlete.
Obviously, he is not happy with how his private life has become the focus of everything around him and I think we'd like to work with him so that he has a bit of a lower profile. We don't think the problem will change if he went to somewhere else outside of the UK, so I think we want to work with him here to make his personal life more enjoyable."

Bruce Buck also said that Chelsea did not want to sell the player. However, now, there is a report at The Mirror that Real Madrid might give Kaka to Chelsea to make the deal attractive.
Ashley Cole wants to leave England and Real Madrid wants to have him. So, it is perhaps a mater of time that Chelsea sells the player. The bad part is that Chelsea officials cannot do anything about the matter of the paparazzi as it is strictly related to the personal life of the player. 

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