Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Manchester United: Wayne Rooney has Complete Support of Alex Ferguson in the New Season

The last few weeks have been very bad for Wayne Rooney. His lack luster performance at World Cup 2010 disappointed everyone at England and naturally, he is no longer a favorite footballer to many fans now. However, Manchester United coach thinks that Rooney will surely make a strong come back in the new season.
Right now, Rooney is enjoying a vacation and he is not playing in the North American tour. This vacation is good for him and it would help him to become fresh again both physically and emotionally.
Sir Alex Ferguson believes that Rooney has immense talent at a very young age and gradually he will become a more matured and better player.
The Manchester United coach said to The Mirror, "Wayne had an improvement in terms of his timing and movement in the penalty box and his positioning was improved from the previous season. He got us over 30 goals and if he does that again and adds a little bit to his game, then that's what we expect.
The boy has got an incredible armoury of talent and what we have to do is to wait for that maturity.
We also do nurture it and try to advise and coach in a fashion which will improve his game. But the most important thing I think he needs now is maturity and, when he gets that, I think you will see the complete footballer."

There is no doubt that Wayne Rooney is one of the top 2-3 players at EPL today. He just needs to get back his mental calm and focus on his game in the upcoming season. He has got the ability to make things happen at any time any place. 

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