Friday, July 2, 2010

Asin says she is not a politician and just doing her work in Sri Lanka

Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan, went to Colombo and attended the IIFA 2010 show and after attending the show, the actor even decided to shoot his next movie over there.

The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) banned movies of Bollywood celebrities who attended IIFA Awards in Colombo.

Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Ready, is remake of Telugu movie and Asin Thottumkal is playing the female lead. Asin works both in South Indian and Bollywood movies. This means, her South Indian projects will be in jeopardy. In an interview, the actress recently talked about her stand in this matter.

When asked about the controversy of shooting in Sri Lanka, Asin said that she was just an actress and she did not have a say in deciding the shooting location of a movie. The location is mainly decided by the producer and director and she expressed her concerns to them but they make the final decision. She is just doing her job. Since she has given her word, she is honoring the commitment.

Regarding the issue of Sri Lanka, Asin said she feels that art brings people closer and promotes peace and the Tamil community of Sri Lanka support and encourage her movie and her work and she took this opportunity to reach out to them and meet them. The Tamil people in Sri Lanka had been through difficult times and if her movie could bring smile to their faces then that is the least she could do for them.

When asked if the whole issue has been highly politicized, Asin said that she would leave politics to politicians. She is just an artist not a politician and would not like to be dragged into controversy. The Indian cricket team played in Sri Lanka and every day many Indian tourists are going to Sri Lanka. She is here to her job and she feels that sports and arts should not politicised.

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  1. Asin did not attend IIFA in Sri Lanka.

    The movie she is in at this time places her in a contract to perform regardless of the location it is being filmed. The location to film it in Sri Lanka was a last minute decision by the producers.

    I don't see anything wrong in her presence in Sri Lanka. She is doing her job and abiding by the contract.

    Leave her along.

    A Sri Lankan Thamil