Friday, July 2, 2010

Five Reasons Sol Campbell Should Stay at Arsenal

Arsenal defender Sol Campbell has been linked with a move to Scottish club Celtic. The player was recently in Glasgow to talk about a possible move and it is believed that Celtic is ready to give him a two-year contract, an issue he is negotiating with Arsenal at the moment.

Considering all the factors, it seems that there are at least five reasons Campbell should consider and stay at Arsenal:

First of all, Sol Campbell would get more media attention at the North London club than at Celtic, and more media attention means more sponsorship deals. It is pretty much understandable that as one of the ‘big four’ Premier League clubs, Arsenal gets more attention in the media than any Scottish club.

Secondly, there is every possibility Arsenal could start dominating in Premier League and in Europe in the next two or three years, and Campbell at this age could be part of that Arsenal squad. Arsenal’s debt is gradually decreasing, while players are becoming matured with their average age increasing. With Fabregas staying and some other new players joining, Arsenal could be a force to make a serious bid for the premier league title next season.

Third, His appearance in Champions League would be ensured at Arsenal, while Celtic very often misses the Champions League group stage appearance. Fourth, with a number of quality players like Thomas Vermaelen around, the psychical and mental pressure for Campbell would be pretty much less at Arsenal than at Celtic where he could be under pressure to play every game and give his 100 percent always.

Fifth, good performance for Arsenal could earn him offers from bigger clubs across the Europe. However, given his current age, it seems less likely to happen, but still Campbell should relish ending his career at a big club like Arsenal. There are many great players who do not get the opportunity of ending their career in the similar fashion.

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  1. As an Arsenal fan I really hope Sol stays and I thought this was going to be a list of 5 reasons FOR Arsenal...i.e his experience and leadership and his memories of actually winning and succeeding with Arsenal. I disagree with your fifth reason, as there is no club bigger than Arsenal that would take Sol a year from now and, as you say, he is a bit old to be making those sorts of plans. A move to Celtic may ensure him a first team role on just about the best team he can expect a first team role from.