Sunday, July 11, 2010

Diego Maradona: The magic Still cannot be Surpassed

Just a few hours ago, 2010 FIFA World Cup came to an end and in the final match, Spain defeated Netherlands by 1-0 in extra time. Diego Forlán was announced as the best player of this tournament and he got the prestigious Golden Ball award.
This selection might have surprised quite a number of fans because they might have expected that this award would go to a player from either Spain or Holland. It is perhaps the good time to make a comparison between Diego Forlán and Diego Maradona.
Diego Maradona got the golden ball award in Mexico for his one man show and all out effort to make Argentina champion. This time, Forlan could not make Uruguay champion or even take the team to final or secure third spot but he was outstanding in the entire tournament.
Secondly, Forlan was in a team that did not contain too many star players. In the same way, Argentina did not have any other notable star player except Maradona in 1986.
Maradona’s magic of 1986 could not be surpassed by any other player in the last 24 years.
Romário of Brazil (1994) and Ronaldo of Brazil (1998 France) were top players but they could not produce the magic of Maradona. The only Golden Ball winner who could go near to the magic of Maradona was Zinedine Zidane of France in 2006.
Perhaps football has changed a lot in the last 24 years and there is perhaps one Diego Maradona in our life time. Football has changed in the sense that it has become more of a team sport and there is little room for one man show type of thing.
In World Cup 2010, the top 3 players were  Diego Forlán, Wesley Sneijder and  David Villa. However, to millions of football fans, the top 3 players of the current time are, Lionel Messi of Argentina, Ronaldo of Portugal and Wayne Rooney of England. You may also add Kaka’s name beside them. The funny thing is that none of these 4 teams could even reach the semifinals.
Football fans will have to wait another 4 years to see whether the magic of Diego Maradona (in 1986) can be surpassed or repeated. Argentine fans are hoping that it will be Lionel Messi who will be able to do it. 

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