Saturday, July 3, 2010

For Bangladeshi fans World Cup Football 2010 Finished Tonight

Officially, FIFA World Cup 2010 will finish on 11 July (Sunday) with the final match at Soccer City, Johannesburg. So, there are, still 8 days left. However, for football fans in Bangladesh, all the excitement of this tournament has finished tonight with Argentina losing to Germany by 0-4.
Just one day earlier, Brazil lost to Netherlands by 1-2. Almost all the football fans in Bangladesh support these two teams. Everywhere, people get divided in supporting Argentina and Brazil and for one month, there are endless arguments and discussions. Flags of these two countries have been hoisted everywhere in Dhaka city.
There is official estimate but it is assumed that several million US dollars have been spent by people in making the flags. In the capital city Dhaka, many big projectors were arranged in open spaces so that thousands of people could watch the matches live in the evening and midnight.
Passion ran so high that the authorities of Engineering University in Dhaka were forced to close the university so that the students could enjoy the matches.
In the Bangladeshi community blogs, more than 100 entries were posted in the last 24 hours about the two quarterfinal matches involving Argentina and Brazil.  
The excitement of FIFA 2010 ended for Brazil supporters in Bangladesh yesterday and today, it finished for Argentine fans. Bangladesh has never been able to qualify for World Cup Football. Its national football team is weak and has hardly any memorable record. Still, millions of people are crazy for World Cup football.
Perhaps it is time to move on and support some European countries like Germany, Netherlands and Spain. However, it wont happen and people in Bangladesh will again come back even in larger number to support Argentina and Brazil after 4 years.  

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