Friday, July 2, 2010

Khatta Meetha lady Trisha Krishnan is enjoying her stay in Mumbai

Trisha Krishnan is the leading lady in Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie, Khatta Meetha. Trisha Krishnan mainly works in South Indian movie, this is her first Hindi movie and she came to Mumbai to shoot the movie and she very much liked the city.

Trisha said, “Mumbai truly never sleeps. It feels so safe to just take a stroll even in the middle of the night. I especially love binging on the street food here……I personally love the city and can't get enough of it .I vow to visit it whenever time permits”

Akshay Kumar is known for playing pranks on her co-star and Trisha Krishnan is her latest victim. While shooting a particular scene, Akshay Kumar was required to walk into a room and giver his dialogues.

As Akshay Kumar is not so good with dialogues, a copy of the dialogue was kept on the table and moments later when Akshay Kumar walked into the room, director Priyadarashan took it away.

However, upon walking in, Akshay Kumar intentionally picked up Trisha’s phone which was lying on the table.

Meanwhile, Trisha Krishnan spent hours searching for her phone and she became very upset as she could not find it anywhere.

Looking at her poor state, Priyadarshan revealed that it was Akshay who took her phone.

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