Monday, July 19, 2010

Liverpool: Joe Cole Signing is a victory for Roy Hodgson

It was a day that made every Liverpool fan happy as Joe Cole joined the club instead of accepting offers from clubs like Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur. A lot of credit should go to the newly appointed coach Roy Hodgson. This signing would surely boost the morale everyone at the club.
When Roy Hodgson took charge on July of the club, it seemed that Liverpool were doomed to suffer a lot in the upcoming season. The last season was nothing short of a disaster. Financial stress is still there and top players may leave and join other big clubs.
Both Arsenal and Tottenham were deeply interested in signing Cole. If Joe Cole joined either of them then he could play in UEFA Champions League. Roy Hodgson could convince Cole about the future and could show Cole that at Liverpool, his place in the first eleven was guaranteed.
Words of praise already have started to arrive and a Liverpool legend and former striker Ian Rush said, "Roy Hodgson knows what he wants, and he can talk these players into signing. To get Joe to come out of London is a coup for Hodgson. A lot of people were expecting him to stay in London.
This is the signing supporters wanted and it's a big boost for them. You look at last season when we went into it not hoping but thinking we were going to win the league. This season people are thinking, "Are we going to finish in the top four?" I think this sends a sign out to Liverpool supporters that the club do mean business."

The coach worked hard to convince the player who is from London. It is notable that both Arsenal and Tottenham are London based clubs. Even the salary that Joe Cole will get now in Liverpool is almost same to the offers of Tottenham and Arsenal.
Top players like Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres may leave Liverpool and this is perhaps enough to dissuade any good player in the rank of Cole to come at Anfield.
This signing clearly shows that Roy Hodgson has some inner talent to convince top class players. Now, he has to use it to convince Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres to stay at the club.

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  1. As a Liverpool fan, I'm desperate for Cole to regain his best form at Anfield. He had so much potential for a youngster, but through injuries, being out of favor with managers, being underused or misused, he never achieved his potential. Liverpool fans will hope this is a resurrection for Cole - still the most naturally gifted English player of his generation.