Monday, July 19, 2010

Roger Federer is still a Favorite for US Open 2010

There is no notable tennis event going on at the moment in which players like Federer or Nadal are taking part. Top male and female players will be busy after a week or two and take part in pre US Open events. Now, perhaps the tennis fans are eagerly waiting whether Federer can make a strong comeback in US Open 2010.
Some of the bookies believe that it is still a wrong idea to write him off. So, if you want to bet on Federer for the US Open 2010 then you might notice that the stakes are still high despite the matter that he suffered early exits from both French Open and Wimbledon this year. In fact, in 2010, Federer has not won anything significant except the Australian Open.  
The next event that Federer is participating is Rogers Cup 2010 that takes place in Canada. He is now currently ranked at the third position and winning Rogers Cup may take him to rank number 2 behind Nadal. Then, Federer is scheduled to play at Western & Southern Financial Group Masters (Cincinnati Masters) 2010. He has won this event 3 times in the last 5 years (2009, 2005 and 2007).
Both these pre US Open tournaments are vital for Federer. He needs to be fresh both physically and emotionally. His fans believe that he still can make a strong comeback and be the number one player again.
It is indeed too early to write Roger Federer off. He has demolished almost every record in men’s tennis in the Open Era.  



  2. Dont write roger off, the federer express will make its stop at the US open and all the haters will bow at his feet!!! Long live King Roger!!!