Sunday, July 18, 2010

Manchester United are not afraid of huge spending of City: Ryan Giggs

Manchester City has spent a huge amount of money in the transfer market this summer. On the other hand, the local rival Manchester United is not that active in the market. This however does not make Ryan Giggs afraid and he thinks that the pressure will be only on City to perform after spending so much money.
Manchester United and Manchester City share a long history of rivalry. In the last few years, City has lost its way in the premier league but still when the local derby happens then passions become very high among the supporters and players of the two local clubs based in Manchester.
City is going to spend more the £100 million and there are rumors that they can even spend around £150 million thanks to generous supply of money from their Middle East owner.
Manchester City has been able to get a number of good players and compared to that, Sir Alex Ferguson has got just two new notable players until now. Chris Smalling and Javier Hernández are the news comers in Old Trafford.
Giggs said to the media, "It's a similar scenario to last season really. They've got so many talented players that, if they gel as a team, they'll be a force. If they don't then obviously it could be a frustrating season for them and they'll probably get a little bit of stick. But, if they gel as a team, like they proved in games last year, they can beat anyone."
Ryan Giggs thinks that it will not be a problem for United because they have a number of young players who will do very well in the upcoming season. He also thinks that it will be difficult for City coach Roberto Mancini to get a good team that will perform consistently.
Roberto Mancini has a very tough job this season. He will have to make sure that Manchester City can qualify for UEFA Champions League next season. For this, City has to finish at the top four in the premier league table. 

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