Sunday, July 18, 2010

Will Arsenal be Happy with £40 million for Cesc Fabregas?

There is now the latest rumor that Barcelona is still after Cesc Fabregas and they are going to make a new offer of £40 million. This news came only into the Daily Mail newspaper and there is no confirmation from any other source yet.
It is not however clear that from where Daily Mail got this news as the newspaper did not mention any source.
Just yesterday, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger very strongly stated that the London based club would not sell Fabregas at any price. He also said that the drama should stop and the message is very clear. Arsene Wenger said that Arsenal has always cared and loved Fabregas and it means that the player should be happy at London.
In the last few days, Cesc Fabregas has tried to remain silent. He even requested others not to talk about this matter too much.
However, it is clear that Barcelona president Sandro Rosell and other officials would try their best until the last day of the transfer season. Former Arsenal star Thierry Henry has said that as an Arsenal Fans he wanted Fabregas to stay but if Fabregas left the club then he will understand his feeling too.
Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has stated the importance of keeping Fabreags in the club. Van Persie said that it is always great to have such a quality midfield player and this helps him as a striker.
Barcelona is under some financial pressure and it is clear that they cannot afford to spend a lot of money for Fabregas. They are in no way ready to spend £50 million pound. Arsenal on the other hand is determined not to sell Fabregas and even if they have to sell then they would like to get a good amount of money for this player.
Thus, the situation looks like a stalemate.  


  1. barcelona cant afford him. 40m isnt enough. if i have $1 but the ice cream is $2 i cant buy it - simply logic. use it barcelona.

  2. ^ good comment!

  3. Soryy, but stupid post. Arsene already said, NOT FOR SALE.