Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maradona Scored, Luis Suarez Saved: All by Hands

After 24 years of Diego Maradona’s famous and controversial ‘hand of God’ goal against England in the 1986 World Cup, another South American, Luis Suarez, has used his hand in a World Cup match, but this time to save a goal.

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has now become a national hero for stopping a goal-bound ball by his hands which clearly denied Ghana a goal. Uruguay eventually won the match 4-2 on penalty shootout following 1-1 stalemate after 120 minutes of play. With this victory, Uruguay progressed to the World Cup semi final for the first time in 40 years.

However, Luis Suarez is now being fully criticized for his unsportsmanlike behavior which earned him a straight red card. As per rule, he would now miss Uruguay’s semi final fixture.

Moreover, there is a possibility FIFA could come down hard on Suarez by extending his ban and ruling him out for the rest of the tournament. In that case, he would not be able to take part in the final or the third place play-off match of World Cup Football 2010.

Reports available in the media suggest that the disciplinary committee of FIFA would now look into the matter and could install a bigger punishment on Luis Suarez.

Well, the Ajax striker can say that he was inspired by his fellow South American great Maradona, though it would sound wired. Maradona may have scored the goal by his hand, but the match officials could not find any fault in his goal during the match.

Only the video footage of the goal showed that the Argentine legend used his hand to change the ball’s direction towards the goal. So, Suarez should have practiced more before emulating Maradona’s trickery.


  1. I write from Uruguay. I am not a soccer fan but I watched the match as everybody here. Your comment fails to tell the full story. As a result of Suarez using his hand to stop the ball the referee not only gave Suarez a red card, he also pointed to the penalty spot. Ghana had a penalty kick and the opportunity to win the game. They missed it.

    It is very unfair to compare a Suarez to Maradona and to call him a cheater (something that I've seen in many English speaking commentaries). He committed a fault and was penalized for it. That happens all the time in soccer games.

  2. I think that if Suarez instinctively , unintentionally "saved " the goal, then yes, it was a professional foul, for which he was penalized.
    But if he intentionaly committed the foul to save the goal, then it was not an honest act, and whether or not a penalty was awarded, and whether or not there was a goal as a result of the penalty - the question arises , was it fair?
    Because if there had been a goal, there would be no need for the penalty. Ghana would have won.
    To allow this , is opening the floodgates to other soccer players in the future - to do the same thing.
    To glorify this act and call it the "Hand of God" and the real " Hand of God " - is this correct?

  3. Suarez will be awesome at Liverpool FC he will be our new Torres! Can't wait for the Stoke game!