Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mock-up coach of Namma Metro is drawing large crowds in Bangalore

The mock-up metro train of Namma Metro, which had been opened for public viewing on July 16, 2010, in Bangalore, after it was inaugurated by Chief Minister, BS Yeddyurappa, it is attracting large number of visitors every day.

The mock-up coach is placed on a concrete platform near Anil Kumble Circle on M G Road. Interested people can see the metro rail between 10 am and 8pm any day.

City authority deployed five traffic police to handle the crowd. People took photos posing in front of the train. Despite police warning, many visitors parked their cars just beside the metro track.

Many people touched the coach and stood near the footboard when they were on the move. Almost all the visitors touch the glass pane despite a notice which forbade them to touch the glass. Many went to the driver’s cabin to see the technical aspects.

Students were very much excited. Large number of students went to see the train after their hours.

The metro would become a major source of pride for the people of Bangalore. It is a big leap toward converting the city into a metropolis. It all depends how the people use the train. When Volvo buses started plying the streets, there was similar excitement.

The metro rail would play a big role in reducing the traffic of the city and ease communication. Chandrashekhar, a software engineer in Bangalore, said that they had been waiting for the metro rail for a long time and the mock-up looks very good. He expects that the rail would solve at least half of the traffic jams in the city. Mahadev, an artiste by profession, said that the metro rail would help to improve the environment of the city.

The first train is expected to be launched in December.

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