Friday, July 30, 2010

Nepal: Three Major Parties are in a Deadlock

Nepal is going through a political turmoil right now. There is no consensus for the post of Prime Minster and the three major political groups are in a serious deadlock on this issue. Perhaps, the only way out is a new general election that would elect a new parliament.
Nepali Congress (NC) leaders are trying to pursue other parties to form a coalition government that would be headed by NC. Their leaders are saying that if they fail then the Maoists will again come to power.
The Maoists are eager to get into power but they are without any alley. They are also working behind the scene to convince some smaller parties.
Leaders of leaders of CPN (ML) and CPN (United) are hesitant and they are not willing to support either NC or the Maoists. There are some other smaller parties most of whom would most probably welcome any coalition against the Maoists. However, the smaller parties want maximum benefit for themselves in any kind of coalition government.
For the moment, things are in a stalemate. The country needs to have a new prime minister and a cabinet in office as soon as possible.

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