Friday, July 9, 2010

Octopus Oracle Paul Sees Spain as the World Cup 2010 Champion

On Friday, in the Oberhausen Sea Life aquarium in Germany, octopus oracle Paul has picked up Spain as the winner of 11 July’s World Cup Football 2010 final. Spain would face Netherlands in the tournament final.

Earlier, Paul has also indicated a German victory over Uruguay in Saturday’s third place match. Octopus Paul has earned international fame for making correct prophecies about the matches involving Germany so far in the tournament. This is the first time Paul has made prediction for a match that does not involve Germany.

All of Paul’s prediction so far in the World Cup has been correct. The Octopus could correctly predict German victories over Australia, Ghana, England and Argentina and defeats against Serbia and Spain.

Following Germany’s 1-0 defeat to Spain in the semi final, many German fans are now angry with Paul’s prediction. So, Oberhausen Sea Life aquarium has taken extra security as a precaution for any unfortunate attack from the angry German fans.

Though Paul has earned international fame through this World Cup, the octopus actually started impressing with his predictions during Euro 2008 when 5 out of Paul’s 6 predictions about Germany’s matches were correct. However, that time Paul’s popularity was within the local fans.

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