Monday, July 5, 2010

Salman Khan lives in Presidential Suite while Asin Thottumkal gets black listed

While Salman Khan is living the luxurious life of a President in Sri Lanka, his co-star, Asin Thottumkal, is facing the possibility of being banned in the South Indian movie industry.

Salman Khan is now in Sri Lanka shooting his upcoming movie, Ready, remake of a successful Telugu movie by the same title. The actor has been moved to a more expensive suite at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo . Earlier, Salman Khan was staying in a normal suite.

The presidential suite has a private garden, a gym, and a kitchen. A workstation containing a PC, connected to Internet, has been set up so that the actor can contact with his fans. In addition, Salman Khan has his personal assistant and people to fulfill his various needs.

On the contrary, the South Indian Film Artistes Association (SIFAA) has been offended by Asin’s decision to work in Salman Khan’s movie. Radha Ravi, Secretary, Nadigar Sangam, said that he is discussing this matter with several organizations to take actions against her and SIFAA will black list the actress.

Earlier, SIFAA issued a statement warning actors and actresses against attending the IIFA Awards 2010 that took place in Colombo for the Sri Lankan soldiers committed atrocities against the Tamil community of the country. Since Hrithik Roshan participated at the event, his Kites Hindi movie had been pulled down from Chennai. Other stars who attended IIFA Awards show had been banned including Salman Khan.


  1. dnt try to spread ur LTTE words through the internet using cinema a a sri lankan.i love my country.we live happily becoz there 's no dnt try to start that cruel time again.

  2. idiot that is not correct

  3. who is living happily in Srilanka. Do you know where the Tamils are living - in the vanni camps - woman being raped regularly by the thug army. 11 year ol being raped by 11 sinhala army. Children wihtout parents, no food, no water - You bastards, don't talk about living happily.