Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiger Woods paternity lawsuit is not going to end so soon

It looks like scandals of Tiger Woods are not going to end so easily. Now, lawyers of the famous golf player are struggling with a paternity claim filed by a porn star named Devon James.

Lawyers of Tiger Woods submitted paper saying the father of the nine year old son of Devon James is not Tiger Woods but a man named Pele Watkins. However, a letter obtained by revealed that Pele Watkins never took the DNA test.

Fox News said that Devon James’ real name is Melinda Jannette and he was Woods’ fifteenth mistress. Toronto SUN reported that Devon James’ real name is Melinda Brinling.

Devon James claimed that Tiger Woods is the father of her nine year old son, Austin. He was born after the lady had a short live sexual relationship back in 2001.

Earlier this month, Tiger Woods lawyer dismissed Devon James’ claim and cited a paper which said that a DNA test was performed on Pele Watkins in 2002. Woods’ attorneys are requesting the court to dismiss the case.

Even Devon James mother claimed that Pele Watkins is the real father of the child.

Woods lawyers said that the DNA test that was performed in 2002 established a 99.9% probability that Pele Watkins is the real father.

Currently, Austin is in the custody of Devon James’ mother. Pele Watkins is serving prison terms. He wrote a letter to James last summer. In the letter, he said, "They will never get DNA from me...I never took a DNA test but tell your mom I will fight her for messing wit me in jail."

The court is going to take a look at the letter.

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  1. Tiger’s Attys. request for a case dismissal may not be enough for the Court. The Court will need some legal proof or evidence showing that Tiger is not the father of the child before making a decision on the paternity claim case! The Court could order Tiger to undergo DNA testing, since the media has reported that Tiger was never tested for this case!!!