Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Beckham: I want to Represent Great Britain in London Olympics 2012

England international and former captain, David Beckham, has recently revealed his desire to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games 2012. The 35-year-old is currently out of action after suffering an achilles injury last March while representing Italian club AC Milan.

That injury ended his hopes of participating in the FIFA World Cup 2010 which has been concluded recently. He is still out of action and missing the matches for his MLS team Los Angles Galaxy. However, the player has recently revealed that he is getting over the injury pretty quickly. It means he could be back in action before November. In that case, LA Galaxy could get her service for the last few matches of the MLS season.

The former Manchester United star has recently worked as England coach Fabio Capello’s backroom staff in South Africa and acted as a coordinator between the team management and the players.

There are now lots of rumors regarding his international career. There are many who believe that his England career has already come to an end and Capello would now be more interested to young players ahead of Euro 2012. However, there are some who believe that Beckham can still continue representing England and there is no player who can match his quality.

However, it seems Beckham himself wants to continue his international career at least until London Olympics in 2012 where Great Britain would send its football team to take part in the footbal event. As the host, Great Britain gets an automatic berth in the competition.

Great Britain consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All of these four countries have their own national football associations and teams who take part in European and international tournaments. However, in Olympic Games, participants of these four countries take part under the same flag of Great Britain.

Great Britain football team currently does not exist. It was active until 1972. Before 1922, the team was known as Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Football team. In between 1908 and 1972, the team was regulated by the Football Association (FA).

However, ahead of the London Olympic Games 2012, it has been reportedly decided to reform the Great Britain football team. The FA in England agreed to send a combined team to the London Olympics, but three other football associations of Great Britain do not want an unified team to be formed fearing that it could threaten their status as independent football associations. So, it has now been decided that the Great Britain team would include players only from England.

As per rules, participating countries in Olympic Games must send their U-23 teams incorporating not more than 3 players over the age of 23. That means, Beckham, who would be 37 in 2012, has to compete for one of those 3 places.


  1. David beckham should be picked as he is a player that always wanted to play for england, when other players like paul scholes have retired from international football when they could have still have offered something to the england team.

  2. he could even captain the team