Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waka Waka Singer Shakira wants Spain to Beat Netherlands in the Final Match

In this World Cup Football, Shakira has been the biggest hit with her song Waka Waka. She has got huge coverage right across the globe. She has now openly supported the Spanish national team for the final match.
This would make all the fans of Spanish football team very happy. Shakira is from Columbia and almost all the people in the country are speakers of Spanish language.
The famous singer of Waka Waka said, "I have to confess that, Hispanic as I am, it is my moral duty to support the Spanish team and also because I have friends on the Spanish team.
I hope the octopus doesn't get it wrong for tomorrow."
This would surely not go well with the Dutch fans as they are expecting their team to win the final match.
Shakira mainly sings in English and Spanish languages. She does not have any notable presence in the Dutch language music market. So, alienating the fans of Netherlands would perhaps not hurt the business of this Latin singer.  
When asked to name the favorite player, Shakira talked about David Villa and Pique. She also likes Sneijder and Messi.
The famous singer has also stated that during this world cup, she has become a passionate fan of football.
By the way, Shakira is still going very strong in YouTube with Waka Waka song and this song is very successful in music charts in different countries. She is going to perform in the closing ceremony of World Cup tomorrow at South Africa.   

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