Monday, July 12, 2010

Will Bipasha Basu’s deglam avatar in Lamhaa win the hearts of Bollywood fans?

Bipasha Basu is known for doing glamorous roles. Movies like Jism, Race, Dhoom 2, All The Best, No Entry, Omkara established her as Bollywood’s sex symbol. She did take up some non-glamorous roles but they were not well accepted by the audience.

In her upcoming movie, Lamhaa, Bipasha Basu did a non-glamorous role. Lamhaa is a political thriller that deals with the problems of Kashmir. Bipasha Basu’s character, Aziza, is a revolutionary. A strong minded, aggressive woman, Aziza has been involved in Azad Kashmir movement since she was six years old.

Lamhaa is going to be release in theatres on July 16, 2010. When the makers of Lamhaa, approached her for the role she was not sure whether they would want to play her the role of a Kashmiri girl because she has a Bengali face. After speaking to Rahul Dholakia, she became convinced that she could play the role.

Bipasha is all praise about Lamhaa. She said that the movie has a strong story and it focuses on the sentiments of the Kashmiri people. It is a film that would meet the standards of an International movie like Bourne Ultimatum. It is made like an International movie and the songs are pretty good to listen to.

However, the shooting of Lamhaa did not go so smoothly. After Bipasha Basu went to shoot in Kashmir, people threw stones at her. Initially, she became very afraid. She said,

“I had thought that I could not get out of Kashmir that day and that we all would get killed. The mob was angry but I think things have settled down now. I do not fear for my life because we have made an honest film and as soon as people see the film, people will understand the intention. It’s sad that we did have to cancel the Kashmir premiere due to the curfew and the tension in the valley.”

It was Sanjay Dutt who convinced Bipasha Basu to come back and work for the movie. Sanjay Dutt previously worked in Kashmir and he knows the local officials very well. Hence, Bipasha Basu agreed to work in the project.

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