Saturday, August 14, 2010

Arsenal: Wenger has high hope about Andrei Arshavin

The Arsenal fans want that their drought of success would end this season. Arsene Wenger feels that Andrei Arshavin would be an important player this season and he has a lot of expectations from him.
Arshavin joined the London club in January 2009. In the last season, he played well but injury got the upper hand on him. He was also personally frustrated after Russia failed to quality for World Cup Football 2010.
Wenger feels that Arshavin would be able to leave all these things behind him and he will try to score goals and help others. Arsene Wenger said, "It was a massive blow for him to go out of the World Cup with Russia, and he had an end of season which was disturbed by many injuries.
What I expect from him is he remains completely fit, gives the team everything - with his creative side, he can be decisive, create chances and score goals, that is what you want from him."

Tomorrow, Arsenal will play against Liverpool. Arshavin has a very good record against the club.
Wenger does not have that much to worry about the striking options and midfield but he could not yet get the players to arrange a good defense. 

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