Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mesut Özil: Real Madrid wont Get Him

A Real Madrid bid to get Mesut Özil has been rejected by Werder Bremen. It is not clear why the Germany Club rejected the Spanish giant. The player has been linked with Manchester United too.  
Ozil has refused to extend his contract with Bremen. So, it is most likely that the German Club will sell him this season to earn some cash. Otherwise, they run the risk of letting him go as a free agent after the end of the season. The player was linked with many clubs of Europe in the last few weeks. Now, there is strong media rumors that he would join Manchester United soon.
As for the Real Madrid bid, the most likely reason is that Werder Bremen is not satisfied with the offer and Jose Mourinho has asked his officials to make an improved offer.
Jose Mourinho said, 'He is a very good player and I would be delighted were he to come to us,'' said the Portuguese coach after his side's penalty shoot-out win over Bayern.
Bremen have said no so we will have to see how things develop.
If he comes, it would certainly be excellent. Özil would definitely help us.''
Werder Bremen will face Sampdoria in the Play-off round of UEFA Champions League and if Mesut Özil is included in the Bremen squad then he would not be able to play for any other club this season in Champions League. Naturally, this will decrease his asking price. 

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