Thursday, August 19, 2010

Arsenal’s fanshare Plan gets Supports from British Government and UEFA

Arsenal’s fanshare idea has received strong support from British government. Sports Minister Hugh Robertson felt that it was a good move from the London based club. Uefa secretary general Gianni Infantino also welcomed the move.
UEFA president Michel Platini has also expressed his liking for the fansahre scheme. Under the scheme, fans will be able to buy some shares of the club for a small amount of money. This way, thousands of supporters will be able to buy and will have more direct opinion of the running of the club.
This scheme will not make any radical change in the ownership structure of Arsenal at this moment but it will involve supporters in the running of the club.
Hugh Robertson said, "Arsenal’s proposal is an enlightened and forward looking way of doing this and makes it affordable for their fans to own a part of their club.
Clearly it is for individual clubs to decide but this is a model I’d like to see other teams explore."
Gianni Infantino  said"At a time when the global economic crisis and the lack of financial discipline threatens the very survival of many football clubs, supporter involvement offers a credible and sustainable alternative and we at Uefa welcome any such moves."
Many of the English Premier leagues are suffering from financial stress and this model of Arsenal can be a good example for them.

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