Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pakistan: Flood has made 4 million People homeless

More than 4 million people have become homeless from the ongoing devastating flood. It is the worst flood in the history of the country. The worst is not over yet.
The United Nations earlier today, gave this figure and revised the earlier number of homeless people. The UN earlier said that the number of homeless people was around 2 million. This increase in number surely makes the task of rebuilding the country even more difficult and expensive.  
Foreign aid is coming but the aid is slow to come and inadequate. Aid agencies have called for pouring in more aid to the country that is already devastated with violence and civil war.
Asian Development Bank (ADB) said, "While the assessment will take several weeks to complete, the damages so far are staggering."
UN spokesman Maurizio Giuliano told to a news agency, "The donors are improving their contribution. They are giving more and more. The response of donors to this crisis is getting better and better but it is still inadequate.
According to rough estimates, over four million people in Sindh and Punjab still do not have a roof on their head.
This situation is of high concern."
Leading newspaper of Pakistan, Dawn reported that there is now fear of outbreaks of diseases like malaria. Dawn also reported that many people are very angry with lack of government initiatives to help the flood victims. 

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