Friday, August 20, 2010

Computer Penetration in Indian Cities Doubled to 38% over 3 Years

A survey conducted by Intel and IMRB has revealed that the penetration rate of personal computer (PC) in Indian cities has been doubled over the last 3 years to 38%. The survey has also indicated that around 28 million households in the cities across India currently have a computer.

The study conducted on 19,178 urban residents has also pointed out some factors that are facilitating computer sales in the cities. People are buying PCs mainly for education, reading, research and work-in-home facilities, while playing games, playing DVDs and listening music are becoming major factors gradually.

Another important point that the study titled ‘India Urban Consumer Segment Nationwide Study 2009-2010’ has come up with is the fact that young generation- the people of the age group of 18-25- has been largely important as decision maker while buying a PC. Young generation may not fund the purchase, but has profound impact on the overall purchase.

The popularity of laptop or notebook computer has also been increased significantly among the first-time buyers. In 2006, just 17% first-time buyers were keen to buy a laptop, while it has been increased to 31% in 2009.

The overall result of the study clearly indicates that the number of computer users in India, especially in the cities, has been increasing very fast and it is definitely a good sign for the country. However, one important thing is that urban India is much smaller than rural India where people are still far away from the blessings of technology.

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