Friday, August 20, 2010

Government Source Reveals, RIM Could Solve the BlackBerry Issue in India Next Week

A source of Indian government has revealed on Friday that Research In Motion (RIM) could come up with a solution to the existing problem related to BlackBerry emails and instant messaging services next week.

Recently, Indian government set up an August 31 deadline for RIM to allow the security agencies to have access to the encrypted data in readable format. BlackBerry smartphones, produced by Canadian company RIM, provide its users a highly secured communication through email and its own instant messaging services.

BlackBerry has been very popular in India, especially among the business persons and politicians. However, Indian government fears that terrorists could also capitalize on the BlackBerry services in conducting their activities. That is why Indian government wants RIM to let the security agencies decrypt the data transferred through email and instant messaging services.

According to the government source, a group of RIM personnel in co-operation with security agencies and telecom departments is now working out a solution. The source also claims that the solution could come as early as next week in what there would not be any problem for BlackBerry to carry out its corporate email and messaging services in India.

Governments of Saudi Arab and United Arab Emirates also complained against BlackBerry smartphones on security ground. With the help of Canadian government, RIM sorted out the problems with Saudi government.

India, one of world’s fastest growing telecom markets, has around 1 million BlackBerry users. So, naturally RIM is now desperate to resolve the problem with Indian government so that one of its most important markets remains unaffected.

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