Saturday, August 14, 2010

Floodlight problem at the Rangiri Dambulla Stadium has been solved

Floodlight system at the Rangiri Dambulla Stadium was appeared to be one of the major problems for which it was criticized during the Asia Cup. However, this problem has been solved for the ongoing tri-series held between Sri Lanka, India and New Zealand.

Sri Lanka Cricket's head of cricket operations, Ashley de Silva, said, "All the lamps have been replaced and the illumination levels have been increased."

According to Ashley de Silva, the watt of the bulbs has been replaced with the high power blubs only. With this improvement, the day-night match can be easy played in this venue.

The bulbs which were 1000-1100 watts have been replaced with those rated between 1300-1400 watts for the tri-series. There is no question or demand of increasing floodlight tower as Dambulla has already eight floodlight towers which are quite sufficient. Each of the towers has 21 bulbs.

The new set of lights could not satisfy the players as some of the players said that the towers probably needed to be up a level or two to be really good for international sports.

The second match of the tri-nation series between Sri Lanka and New Zealand was also affected due to the lack of brightness. Losing the toss, Sri Lankan captain, Kumar Sangakkara, said that it was unable for a team to overcome the big chase under the low Dambulla floodlights.

The intensity of the floodlights came to the center of attention during the Asia Cup when both bowlers and batsmen expressed their unhappy with the lack of brightness.

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