Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pakistan: 3 Million People Suffering from Flood

According to Unicef nearly 1,500 people have died in the ongoing devastating flood in Pakistan. Hardly anyone in the country can remember of a flood of this magnitude in their life time. A large part of the country has been very badly affected.
Pakistan is a country mainly famous for hot climate not for rains. In fact, a good part of the country falls in Thar Desert. Thus, the country rarely witnesses devastating flood. This year is surely an exception. Heavy monsoon rainfall has changed everything and made life miserable for nearly 3 million people.
The worst part is that the flood has affected a large part of the country. It is becoming a mammoth task for the government agencies to help the victims. The government has not appealed for any international support but if the bad rainfall continues then the government might have to appeal for support from international community.
It is still not clear what the financial damage would be of this flood. However, for ordinary people in the country, the flood has brought maximum suffering. In many parts, people have lost home and have received little or no amount of relief.

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