Thursday, August 12, 2010

PEEPLI [Live] is coming to theatres tomorrow

Aamir Khan production’s PEEPLI [Live] will release in theatres tomorrow. Directed by by Anusha Rizvi, PEEPLI [Live] is a political satire that revolves around the farmer suicide in India.

PEEPLI [Live] tells the story of a poor farmer Natha who is about to lose his land for being unable to repay the debt and decides to commit suicide. As soon as the news of his suicide spread out, TV stations, politicians and bureaucrats started to visit his house and everybody has their own interest but nobody cares what Natha feels.

PEEPLI [Live] is a small budget movie with a production cost of Rs. 100 million but producers were able to collect Rs.140 million before its release. The satellite broadcasting rights has been acquired by Colors Hindi TV channel for Rs. 100 million and T-series paid Rs.40 million for the music rights.

Aamir Khan worked hard to promote the movie and the actor even made fun of his own promotional methods. The movie has already been reviewed and critics just loved it.

Taran Adarsh said, “Come to think of it, the concept [farmers' suicides] would instinctively translate into a serious, thought-provoking film. But PEEPLI [LIVE] takes a grim and solemn issue, turns it into a satire, garnishes it with populist sentiment and makes a far greater impact than a mere documentary, had it tackled the burning issue. In fact, like all Aamir Khan films, PEEPLI [LIVE] marries realism with a winning box-office formula most brilliantly.”

The interesting thing about PEEPLI [Live] is that it has no Bollywood heavyweight stars, still Aamir Khan production is highly confident that the movie will be appreciated by the audience.

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