Saturday, September 11, 2010

3rd Cloud Computing World Forum Asia: Some Information

Cloud Computing is the next big trend in Asia and many Asian countries are showing interest about cloud computing. In order to raise awareness among Asian countries about cloud computing, Cloud Computing World Forum is going to organize a two day conference titled 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum - Asia on 17th and 18th November at the Mira Hotel, Hong Kong.

In two days, the conference would cover various aspects of cloud computing. Experts from different disciplines will talk about cloud computing. This is the third Cloud Computing World Forum in Asia. The Forum mainly focuses on the software aspects of cloud computing. Many of the Asian countries are not very developed and in many regions the penetration of Internet and computer is very low but it is growing. Cloud Computer would help the people these countries to give access to computer and Internet at a cheaper price and reap the benefit of computer and Internet and would also help to create new businesses. Hence, cloud computing has immense potential for Asian countries.

About the conference:

The two-day conference and exhibition would talk about various aspects of cloud computing and SaaS. Officials from various top companies in Asia would talk about how they integrated Cloud Computing in their businesses and what benefits they are enjoying. In addition, many representatives of cloud service providers would attend the conference. There will be pre-show online meeting, attendees would also receive free Amazon web services credit and networking parties.

Some of the officials who would present keynotes are- Steven Yau, CIO, Walmart China; Jeremy Godfrey, CIO, Hong Kong Government; Pack Ling, CIO, GE China; Richard Achee, Head of Apac Sales, Google; Simone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services; Mark Beaumont, Director, Verizon Business; Sunny Lee, CIO, Hong Kong Jockey Club; Keith Lam, Systems Manager, MTR Corporation; Lui Sieh, Area Head of IT, British American Tobacco; Ron Baillie, Head of Strategy, Planning and Infrastructure, Cathay Pacific; Sue Bartlett, CIO, Asia Pacific, DHL; Susanna Shen, Head of Information Technology, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company; Simon Tsui, IT Director, Time Warner; Terry Ho, Head of Common Services, IT, BNP Paribas; Dr Paul Liu, Manager, Information Technology Division, Chong Hong Bank.

Issues that will be covered in the seminar:

Each day there will be four sessions covering different aspects of cloud computing. There will be various case studies related to cloud computing. “Cloudscape – An overview of the current market place” will study the current market of cloud computing especially in the APAC region.

“Business models and Adapting to Cloud Adoption” talks how cloud computing is disrupting the current business practices and the best practices business models and IT strategy and techniques to successfully adopt cloud computing.

“Cloud Security” talks about the security issues. One of the biggest concerns of cloud computing is security. How to deal with security problems in cloud computing.

“Virtualization” would cover basic and advanced virtualization topics.

“Deployment Strategies and Infrastructure” would cover how to establish and deploy a strategy around cloud computing. The session would look at various case studies to show how cloud computing can be successfully integrated into any organization.

In “The Cloud Computing Roadmap” will deal with issues such as tailoring cloud computing to the unique needs of business and ensuring the return. Building a long-term road map of cloud computing. Mitigating and managing the risk of transformation towards cloud computing, evolving business organization to adopt cloud.

“Applications from within the cloud” talks about traditional software integration versus cloud computing.

“Future of Business computing” would look at the future of cloud computing what would be the condition of the cloud computing market in short, medium and long term especially in the Asian context. How cloud computing would empower Asian economies, mobile cloud computing etc.

For more information you can visit the official website of Cloud Computing World Forum Asia. Early booking would end on October 15, 2010.

Because of the importance of the event, we will try to write more entries in the coming weeks about the 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum – Asia.


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  2. Thanks for the information. There is one more cloud computing related conference taking place in India on 11 November 2010. They're covering topics like Soa, BPM, SAAS, Cloud Computing, Cloud Development, Cloud Security, Cloud Case Studies, and so on. I got this information here