Friday, September 10, 2010

We like to Thank all Followers and Feedburner Subscribers of This Blog

Today, I noticed that the number of followers has reached 136 and naturally it made all of us very happy. This shows that this blog is flourishing.
Just few months ago on April 30 2010, I informed that the blog had 31 followers that day. So, we have been able to add another 105 followers in just 4 months and 10 days.
We like to thank all our new followers and we are trying to put quality content. In the next one month, we are aiming to write some good reports about cloud computing in South Asian countries. Now, we have decreased the number of entries but we are focusing on quality content. We want that all our content can bring value to the readers.
We are 4 bloggers for this blog. Unfortunately, our most hard working blogger Biplob is now sick and he cannot work. I am recovering from a long sickness. Well, I know that we can put a lot of content but we want to post useful entries.
Of course, what gives us most happiness is to get comments from our visitors. I am happy to state that this blog has received nearly 3800 comments in 15 months.

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