Saturday, September 25, 2010

Darrell Hair feels Vindicated over the Match Fixing Allegations Against Pakistani Cricketers

In 2006, Darrell Hair was at the receiving end because his action against Pakistani cricketers seemed to be harsh at that time. In fact, this controversy destroyed his umpiring career and now, after four years, he feels vindicated when he sees the whole Pakistan cricket is in its lowest point after strong allegation of match fixing against some of its players.
Darrell Hair feels that he took the right decision that time but did not get support from others. Mr. Hair recently talked to Observer Sport and there he strongly criticized Pakistani cricket.
He said, "The fans, viewers and crowds have been watching cheats and liars. How long will they continue to part with their money to watch manipulated matches and players cheating? The ICC should be ashamed to allow these matches to take place.
Unfortunately the Pakistan cricketers show no respect for the game and continually attempt to cheat. The game as currently being played by Pakistan is a hoax and a fraud to the public."

Thus, Darrel Hair is equally critical of ICC officials and stated that they were not strong enough to fight against wrong doings in cricket. Unfortunately, Mr. Hair is right as we have not seen any strong measures from ICC in the ongoing match fixing allegations. It is a very serious matter and ICC needs to strong more decisively or else, the future of cricket will be at stake.  

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