Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nepal is heading for a serious Political Crisis Again

It is now 2006 but it seems that Nepal might find itself in the similar condition of 2006 at next year. The country is without an elected Prime Minister and eighth round of voting is taking place in the parliament and there is every possibility that the deadlock will not be broken today.
UCPN (Maoist) and UML are likely to boycott this round of voting and as a result the candidate from Nepali Congress Party will get largest number of votes but will fall short of the 50% votes needed of the overall parliaments members.
The country is in a serious deadlock and there is no hope because the top political parties are in no mood to settle for any compromise. What seems is that even if the CA members can finally elect a new Prime Minister in the next few weeks, the Prime Minister will not last long.
I really like to blame the people more than the political leaders. The people are fragmented in their support of the political parties and they are blind for their leaders. The people have to come out and put pressure on their leaders to try for peace instead of just trying for their own benefits.
Unless a miracle happens, I can see a very bad kind of disaster and instability for Nepal in 2011.

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